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Private coach London


We are a personal training company that Focuses on delivering a top quality service which is justified by the  results.


How does it work?

We conduct a consultation: Taking crucial measurement BMI, Fat percentage and weight  enable us to set up realistic target.

We look into your Nutrition habit: People have different nutritional needs and habits. In order to achieve your target nutrition would help in managing your weight.

We set goals:  Allowing our clients to visualize what they results would be is very important as they would know what to expect.

We design a periodised program: This important as it allows the clients to see how they would improve in all aspect of fitness including endurance, muscle strength, cardiovascular, flexibility and even improve their motor skills such as coordination and re-action.

We allocate you with a suitable trainer:  Matching personalities is very important when it comes to personal training.  A very skillfull personal trainer with bad attitude can push away clients.

We Re-assess you: This is when we check to see your progression. This depends on your Target. For instance if your goal is to lose 12 kg of Fat in 5 Months. We would measure every 4 to 6 weeks.

Our recruitment process: We only recruit experienced personal trainers with great attitude. This is a factor that most gyms fail to do as they only focus on skills and overlook attitude of the trainers.

Our Rating process:

Grade 1: Experienced personal trainer + Positive work attitude = Very Good Trainer

Grade 2: New trainer +  positive attitude = Good trainer

Grade 3: Experienced trainer + Bad attitude = Average trainer

Grade 4: New trainer + bad attitude = Bad trainer


Unfortunately, most personal training gym  are rated between Grade 2, 3 and 4.  very few establishment are Rated 1. They are 2 reasons:

1-significant turn over in staff: new trainers come and go all the time. This causes inconsistency that’s also why there is a mix of new trainers, with Good and bad attitude.

2-Experienced doesn’t mean “Cocky”: Loads of experience instructors become cocky when they have been doing the job after some time. Those that don’t have new challenges may lose interest in their profession; that’s why Top Experienced trainer with Bad attitude = Average trainer


Why do we focus on Rating 1:

We  focus on Rating 1 because throughout our 10 years of experience  we have realized that a motivated personal trainer that coaches a Satisfied client is a winning a partnership that would guarantee results.


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