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Personal trainer to celebrities and professionals alike

Having worked as a personal trainer to over 1200 clients, both female and male, including actors and models as well as film producers, business people, lawyers and architects, Fabrice “le physique” set up Munsterfit in order to continue his dedication to providing a personalized range of fitness services to high-profile clients. He has worked with the likes of Friends actor Matt le Blanc and Bloomberg CEO Michael Liebriech. Fabrice custom designs his training programs to meet each person’s dietary and fitness needs, analyzing a food diary in order to monitor calories and better advise clients on suggested improvements. Take a look at our testimonials.CAROLYN-LOCK-copy-1400x1000

Effective workout programme in Chelsea, London

Our personal training programme is personally tailored for you to help you achieve your goals and meet your potential. Fabrice can also provide nutrition services by examining your diet. Whether you’re running a marathon, want to shift some baby weight, deal with a bad back or are looking to tone up for your wedding or you want to improve your health and fitness levels, our London-based studio can help you get there. Take a look at his Twitter feed to see his thoughts on reaching potential goals, using supplements, training athletes and more.

Fabrice starts by assessing your current fitness levels and devising an effective workout which can incorporate supplements and pilates. Fabrice can then prepare a tailored personal training programme based on this and what you want to achieve. MunsterFit makes sure that each session is varied and that no two are identical, so you won’t get bored or lose motivation. His state-of-the-art equipment can meet your exercise goals and also can make getting fit fun!

Equipment to meet your potential in SW3

Munsterfit’s luxury Chelsea gym in central London is located close to Westminster fitted with a huge range of equipment to meet the most specific of goals, such as core strengthening, nutrition, muscle strength, back pain management, sport-specific training and conditioning. He can offer a range of programmes, including pilates and use of supplements.