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London celebrity personal trainer

MunsterFit is a personal training brand run by Fabrice “le physique”. He has over 12 years of experience in training 1200 clients which includes celebrities, top models, athletes, Olympians, CEOs, business people and producers. He is one of the most influential personal trainers in the world, focusing on strength, discipline and training goals in his exclusive gym in central London, close to Fulham and Chelsea.fabrice_essomba_130513_070-web-copy-800x500

What techniques does Fabrice use?

His technique is very specific and incorporates wellbeing as well as nutrition and he examines his clients’ diets. He can evaluate how you use your body and design workout sessions to suit your needs. The repositioning of the body makes all the difference to the end result. Like any new project or venture, you have to discover the technicalities before you can perfect your exercise programme.

You could spend two years training and adjusting your diet with few results or seek the services of a professional trainer such as Fabrice and after two sessions, be well on the way to a great new body.

Meet your potential

Another very important factor relevant to technique and your body’s rehabilitation is the actual quality of your movement whilst going through any motion. Fabrice can help to offer guidance personal to your body’s needs. Take a look at his Twitter feed to see his thoughts on reaching potential goals, using supplements, training athletes and more.

Convenient mobile personal training

Being flexible around high-profile and celebrity clients’ busy schedules is essential and so Fabrice designs his personal training programmes to be essential to each client. His one-on-one services aim to meet your goals and potential. In addition to MunsterFit’s exclusive gym in the central London area, we offer a convenient mobile personal training services for those who prefer to train in the comfort of their homes, local park or hotels. As well as workout advice Fabrice offers expert nutritional guidance on supplement use and diets to help you better attain your desired physique.