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About Munsterfit

Munsterfit was founded by personal trainer Fabrice “le physique” in order to offer his experience and knowledge to an exclusive clientele based in London. Having worked with people in the entertainment, fashion and finance industries and many more, Fabrice appreciates the importance of flexibility when meeting goals within busy schedules. That is why the training scheme he works is one of the best, burning four times as many calories as most other programs.

Over a decade of working as a personal fitness trainer has equipped Fabrice with a broad knowledge for meeting a diverse range of athletic goals. At Munsterfit gym we want to hear all of your targets – both big and small – and work with you to meet them in the most effective manner.

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He starts by assessing your current fitness levels and devising a workout which can incorporate supplements and pilates if you wish. Fabrice can then prepare the very best personal training programme in his exclusive gym based on this and what you want to achieve. MunsterFit, based in London, makes sure that each session is varied and that no two are identical, so you won’t get bored or lose motivation. His state-of-the-art equipment can meet your exercise goals and also can make getting fit and improving your health fun!


Being flexible around our clients’ busy schedules is essential and so Fabrice designs his programmes to be essential to each high-profile client. His one-on-one services aim to meet your goals and potential. In addition to MunsterFit’s exclusive gym in the central London area, we offer a convenient mobile personal training services for those who prefer to train in the comfort of their homes, local park or hotels. As well as workout advice Fabrice offers expert nutritional guidance on supplement use and diets to help you better attain your desired physique.