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Personal Trainer

Fabrice “le physique” has featured in several publications including Heat, Bliss, Time Out and the Daily Mail. He has trained celebrities including actors such as Matt le Blanc, Bloomberg CEO Michael Liebriech, Oscar-nominated producers and several top fashion and fitness models.

Many of Fabrice’s clients come from the Middle East, including Dubai, UAE and Saudi Arabia. He has worked in personal training for 12 years and holds the highest qualification in the fitness industry (REP4).

Fitness goals

His expertise enables him to help meet any fitness goals, such as weight loss, body toning, muscle endurance, muscle strength, abs and core, back pain management and plenty more. He has been mentioned in numerous magazines.

Expertise and qualifications

Fabrice has earned a status of World Class and Master Fitness Guru. He is one of the most versatile trainers in the world. He currently holds the top qualification in the fitness industry. He specializes in high-intensity training and body shaping. He is the creator of the 69 workout which is regarded as the most advanced and functional workout. One of his greatest attributes is the ability to train a range of people from weight loss, body toning, muscle endurance, muscle strength, power training, plyometric, sport specific, conditioning, functional training, hypertrophy, abs & core, back pain and diabetes management.

As an entrepreneur, Fabrice Le physique is the founder of Munsterfit by Fabrice gym , munsterfit.com; and is the CEO of Guru privé London.