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Personal Training

We are the only personal training gym in London that gives you the chance to see how hard you are working out live on a screen. The exclusive gym is in a secret location in Kensington. Moreover, you can see your HR (heart rate) live on a screen and how many KCAL (kil calories) you are burning while working out.

In addition, we offer you the option to bring your own favourite work out music tracks so you can train while listening to them being mixed in the background by our own Virtual DJ.

Your mission

We pride ourselves with being one of the best personal trainers in Europe, therefore we offer the best service available in the market. We deliver the most innovative and best training programs to suit any individual.

We understand how short and precious time is; so we have designed an award training technique that makes you burn four times more calories than any other type of training in the same period of time. Our exclusive training technique works by stimulating every single muscle of a human body. This process creates an even environment of muscle overload  and helps reveal your best body shape.