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On your first day, we conduct an initial assessment involving a test where we analyse muscle imbalance as well as a body analysis test which involves measuring your body composition.

This is a process which involves taking measurements of your body fat percentage, blood pressure, body fat mass, total body water, basal metabolic ratio (BMR), obesity diagnosis, segmental stomach fat percentage, waist/hip ratio, BMI and muscle mass.

Once we have gathered this crucial information, we can guide you on your muscle and fat control. This is where we tell you how much lean muscle you need to gain or how much fat you will need to lose in order to fall into the correct range to achieve your goals. We keep a record of your results and measure you every 4 to 6 weeks to see your progression. This time allows you to focus on your goals and nutrition.

Diets to avoid

Unfortunately many fast-track weight-loss diets are dangerous and could be damaging to your body. Extreme restriction of nutrients can bring about internal stress to the body which can make it prone to dramatic fluctuations in weight and other side effects. For example, diets like The Dukan can cause bad breath, dry mouth and constipation. Similarly, the Atkins can cause bad breath but also tiredness, weakness, dizziness, insomnia and nausea. This is a consequence of the body entering a state called ketosis which denies the body from essential nutrients that help to convert macronutrients (foods) such as carbohydrates into energy.